Vision Design Metal Fabrication in Bibra Lake, WA 



Your local Westralian manufacturer of quality custom parts and steel fabrications.

 You’ll find we exceed our customer’s expectations with on-time or early deliveries; affordable prices, innovative ideas, services and solutions that solve their problems.

Vision Design Metal Fabrication Pty Ltd is a locally owned and registered business that specialises in custom Steel, Wrought Iron and Stainless Steel fabrication and welding for large scale commercial to residential applications.

Our structural steel fabrication and construction include clients such as schools, shopping centres, restaurants, warehouses, factories and more.

We also supply general welding work such as patios, steel canopies and container fit-outs.

We have a strong reputation for the precision production of architecturally designed steel gates, handrails, staircases and balustrading for Perth’s residential construction sector.

We offer a complete solution, ideally tailored to your requirements. From creating in-depth designs suiting your needs or working off your specifications, to delivering your product and overseeing the entire installation, our trained personnel will ensure that your project runs smoothly and on time.



Commencing your project is usually a joint affair between a preferred company to confirm scope of work and to ensure you are engaging the correct supplier for the job.

Vision design carry out thorough consultation review and strive to identify all foreseeable loopholes that may affect your project timelines

We collaborate with you and can create alternate designs that can return Cost Savings that enhance your project’s budget. We communicate throughout manufacturing process stages while implementing highly experienced & capable skilled tradesman

3D Design drawings can be supplied for review and discussions to fine tune your specific  requirements and to assist getting your design approved quickly, accurately & successfully

A quotation is supplied in accordance with your requests with detailed allowances at competitive rates for consideration

We interact throughout the entire process to ensure we achieve your expectations, completed on-time and under budget.




At Vision Design Metal Fabrication, our aim is to have the foresight and comprehension of your requirements, designing for your projects while allowing you to express your desires.  Below is an explanation of our process that best reflects what we do using the below key words:-

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